Top News (11/28/2015)
Deputy Leader of the St.Kitts Labour Party, Dr. Earl Asim Martin
Deputy Leader Tells Harris To Resign
BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday, 27th November,2015)- Deputy Leader of the St.Kitts Labour Party, Dr. Earl Asim Martin, is calling on Leader of Team Unity, Dr. Timothy Harris to do the country a favour by stepping down as prime minister.

This week, while speaking live on Freedom FM (10.65), during the Party’s weekly sponsored 'Issues' programme (aired on Wednesdays), Dr. Martin criticized Dr. Harris, who is also Minister of National Security, for his frequent absence from the Federation; often travelling abroad while criminal activity continues to escalate.

"Timothy Harris must be grounded and take on this issue of crime as a national issue. He can’t just fly out… every week he is just leaving."

The Party's Deputy Leader expressed that said Harris should resign after returning from his two-week trip overseas, and allow the Labour Party Administration to return to office so as to properly govern the affairs of St.Kitts and Nevis through its effective policies and programmes, whic...

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